About Cap and Hare

The Cap and Hare Homebrew Club evolved from two small homebrew clubs. The Cowtown Cappers were primarily from greater Fort Worth area, and the NET Hoppers primarily from the group of small cities know as “Mid Cities” or “Northeast Tarrant County”, hence “NET” Hoppers.  The combined club had membership grow from mid 30’s to mid 60’s up through 2009. Since 2009 membership, and concomitant brewing activity level, has exponentially increased.  In 2012 we have 225+ members! Many say they tried other clubs but like Cap and Hare because “we do stuff”.  And we do. Each meeting has an educational program. Back by popular demand recently was the “Truckstop Beers and Food Pairing”. We also have frequent happy hours moving from one pub to the next. Weekend outings to tour breweries have been very popular.


We built a club brewing system we call the “Big Brew”, and have been enjoying the results for almost 10 years. The system is capable of up to 130 gallons wort. Each subscriber helps with the work, pays for ingredients, and takes home a 5 or 10 gallon share.  It is fascinating to reconvene with a selection of final beers from the same wort but using different yeasts , fermentation schedules and temps.  We have twice now had two special events with just women brewing. The results were spectacular. Watch out, guys! 


But most importantly, we have a very enthusiastic and varied set of people from all ages and professions, sharing  a common interest in the endlessly variable brewing process.   


Welcome to “Ozapft Is!” and thank you for participating as a competitor.